n Design of appropriate retirement benefits leading to the finalization of the plan provisions which will comply with the provisions of the Retirement Law (Republic Act 7641) and qualify for tax exemption(Republic Act 4917).

    n Review of your present retirement plan to have the assurance that the benefits provided are reflective of your corporate objectives and the needs of your employees.

    n Perform an actuarial valuation of the retirement plan to provide the financial measures of the benefits provided particularly the appropriate contribution level.

    n Provide for your company's retirement plan cost and liability to be reflected in your financial statements as required by Philippine Accounting Standard No. 19 (PAS 19).

    n Review your existing employee benefit coverages to ensure their cost-effectiveness and appropriateness in today's environment.

    n Administration of provident plans or employee savings program with annual statement of account to employees and quarterly reports to employers.

    n Actuarial studies for Life and Pre-need Insurance companies: development of new products/plans, pricing formulation, valuation of reserves and review of existing products.

    n Conduct retirement benefit and pre-need seminars at least once a year.

    n Conduct specific retirement benefit or pre-need seminar for your company, upon request.

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